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Chester | weekend away

So while in Chester here is some of the things we, as in myself and my partner, got up to during our time here at Chester..


Now we stayed at the hallmark hotel, in Chester and it is straight across from the train station. The hotel was really nicely set out from my first impression and it had an old feeling vibe. From the town centre the hotel it is about 15 minutes’ walk to the city centre. The entrance I noticed was very spacious place to be.

Now you can enter the hotel from the side if you were coming from town. If you were coming from the train station it is just straight in front of you.


Now getting to our room was a bit of maze as much the hotel was pretty with all different items, bars and restaurants we couldn’t find our room, we had to go back and get directions again to our room. Although this chair does look really stylish to sit on.

Not too far from this massive chair there was a massive room which I suspect that can hoist weddings which I think it would be ideal to have. Also not too far from this massive chair is a restaurant where you can have some food and a drink. Now I don’t know how much the pricing is or even the food, compared to other places.


Even though our room was small, it was cosy enough for us to sleep in for one night. The only thing that I think annoyed me was the fact that is that it has not heating in the room. The hotel sorted us out by supplying a heater though which I thought was good enough for them to supply as they didn’t have to at all. Also I couldn’t see into the city, not that I would want to but I do think it would have been nice. But for what I played I am not complaining!


Now in the bathroom they had these items readily available to use. Now I don’t know if they are cruelty free or let alone vegan. I never did use them so I cannot comment on how good the products are or not.

Would I recommend this hotel?

Now I booked this hotel a couple of weeks before actually going to the hotel, now the price I was charged and for what I paid I would recommend even though it is right next to the train station. The staff were friendly enough although I didn’t that much of the staff.

Would I come again?

There was a hick up as the fire alarm did go off while we were there, not that should stop people from going although it was a false alarm. I would go back again in going to this particular hotel. There is parking close by if you did come via the car as I did come via the train.

The hotel does have a bar and both myself and my partner did go in and have a look and the one thing that I liked about the bar is that there are different painted photos that adds characters to the hotel. Although the room was a dark room but there was lighting to it.

Although it was a weekend away for myself and my partner. With it been Chester I did notice that to me that this seemed to be a bit of a vocal point for been the centre. From what I noticed I couldn’t see if there was any restaurants or places to eat, such as coffee shops.  Now there was some singers singing and I thought they had some good talent in Chester. I didn’t see any of the night clubs in Chester as if I was to want a night out in Chester I couldn’t see one.


While in Chester, both my partner and I thought it would be a good idea for us to head over to Cheshire oaks to see what it would be like, as my partner had never been. For an outlet we both noticed that it does have a lot to offer. Not only does it have shops and places to eat but it also has a cinema as well.

Some of the shops that I went into were a bit expensive, but then again there were designers and they did have items in their shops for less then the retail pricing. I wouldn’t go to Cheshire oaks on a regular basis to do my shopping. From what I saw they are a dog friendly outlet.


Would I recommend Chester and Cheshire Oaks?

Overall I would recommend the hotel that we did stay in even though it was 15 minutes out of town as there is parking near to the hotel that we stayed at and if you were using public transport such as the train then it is beneficial to use. I would go again to the hotel and would like to use more of the facilities that they do have to offer in the future.

If you have the money and would love to do some retail shopping of the designer kind then I would recommend Cheshire Oaks or even if you have not been before and would love to have a look around as there are other shops then just designers.

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